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Moments Of Reflection

Please use this page to reflect on how your christanity is developing.


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 Week beginning Sunday 

               Under review, sorry for any inconvience.

Room for improvement!
 Anyone who has been in Tobermore this past week will hardly have missed the fact that there are people doing some serious work in the town. There are temporary traffic lights, diggers and a great deal of activity. All this is an effort by the local community group to spruce up the town hide away the cables and remove a few poles. The end result, it is hoped, will be a considerable improvement to the look of the main street.

Room for improvement is something we are continually aware of in our surroundings, probably encouraged by all the television programs dedicated to showing us how to make things better. This is a common theme for many people and it increasingly has become the watchword of most businesses. Those who are seeking to make a living from their business recognise that there is always room to do things a little better and so improve your relationship with your customers or clients especially since others are pursuing this end.

There is also room for improvement in each of our lives. God calls us to become like Jesus and this is an ongoing lifelong project that will never be fully complete here on earth. But this does not mean we sit back and pretend that our lives are as good as they could possibly be and do nothing. Instead we are called to work with God to achieve his purposes for our lives until Jesus returns. This is what is meant in 1 John 3.2-3 [THE MESSAGE]


But friends, thats exactly who we are: children of God.

And thats only the beginning. Who knows how well end up!

What we know is that when Christ is openly revealed, well see him and in seeing him, become like him. All of us who look forward to his coming stay ready,

with the glistening purity of Jesus life as a model for our own.


This should occupy our thinking and our behaviour every day. We ought to be constantly thinking if what we are going to do will bring glory to Jesus and portray him faithfully to those who are watching us and there are many who do this every day.


There is always some room for improvement in our portrayal of Jesus.


The way he lived should be our model for how we think, speak and behave.



If you would like to talk about what this would mean for you personally, please contact John on 028 7964 2202 and arrange to have a chat about it.
This is too important to put off start over with God and begin a new life today!

Week beginning Sunday
Under review, sorry for any inconvience.

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